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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Insurgent - From a Writer's Perspective

Insurgent by Veronica Roth


I have grave concerns with this book from a writer's perspective. *ducking to avoid things being thrown at me* Still a neat concept, still a manuscript that delivers in the end, but it just bugs me. *Hey! Stop that. That book hurt when it hit me!*

So why? Through most of the book the protag doesn't protag. She angsts around but never takes charge. Yes, angst is great, but you still have to be a protagonist. Then there are serious logistic problems with the whole plot. Why exactly does she - SPOILER ALERT - turn herself in? How the heck does her boyfriend get in and out of IQ faction headquarters with so much ease and seems to be in control? And why the change of heart--in Truth Sayer faction headquarters? Dastardly Dauntless Eric tries to kill her, but then she's suddenly, without explanation, the holy grail answer to all the IQ's plans. Never explained.

It felt like a 1st POV cheat to use her guilt to push her to walk into that faction's front door. I mean is she really suicidal? In which case, I didn't get sold that scenario. I also didn't buy the Caleb turn around. So I find those problematic.

Yet once in the IQ faction hall, it sparkles. She protags. She takes charge. She has a goal. The boyfriend thing solidifies. There's a 'what's up with Peter' aspect that's cool.

*lifting my garbage can lid as a shield* I LIKED THE MOVIE DIVERGENT. I personally think it made the mirror/glass metaphor pop. I think they improved on the book, driving the pace and characters with more satisfaction. I'm hoping that the screenwriters will manage the same with this book when it comes out on the big screen.

*Yep, ducking more things tossed at me and running away as fast as I can.* Speaking of which, will she get a chance to heal this time, cause carrying around all those injuries and keeping them straight, and frankly disregarding them completely at times, that needs to get a fresh start.

And yes, I'm reading Book III. *SPOILER ALERT* Because why the hell the administrator faction would have decided that the 'solving' of society's ills and thinking this experiment is finally ripe and needs harvesting is beyond me...

It would have received a 3 star, but my daughter loves this series. So what do I know?

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